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What We Do

Cosmic Music is a NFT minting platform for musicians. Artists are able to upload a song or album, and sell it as an NFT. Users can decide on how many versions they want (1 of 1 or multiple) and the % the creator get from each sale thereafter.

Music Your Way

Music Platform
Developed By Musicians

Features of Cosmic Music

Cosmic Music App (Coming Soon)

The Easy Way To
Mint Your Music

Mobile Application Development

  • Ease of Use
    Navigate to check out new music or mint your own songs and albums as NFT’s. 
  • Transfer Securely
    Connect your wallet and know your music NFT’s are secure. Purchase and play your music right from the Cosmic page.
  • Artist Launchpad
    We created our platform to showcase new & popular music as well as sponsored musicians and projects.
*Mobile applications currently under development.

Cosmic Roadmap

  • October 2021

    Presale & Launch

    1000 Holders

  • October 2021

    Release beta NFT minting platform

    500 NFT's minted

  • November 2021

    Add Artist Launchpad

    Showcase featured NFT artists

  • November 2021

    CG & CMC

    2000 Holders

    Artist Partnerships

  • December 2021

    Full marketing campaign

    1000 NFT music sales on

  • December 2021

    Add Artist submissions to live radio broadcast

    Custom Collections (Artist Collaborations)

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